Prague is my laboratory to find and tell stories of interest to my smart and curious international audience, trying to educate them about a part of the world unknown to them.

I am your partner for stories from foreign lands. I see today’s globalized society as my subject for seeking out, reporting, and producing stories. I care for stories that show a curious, international audience what life in a foreign culture looks and feels like.

Some stories are best told in text, some in photographs, and some in a combination of multiple medias. As a journalist and photographer, I am pursuing written stories as much as photo-only stories and mixed-media stories.


I’m based in Prague, so the Czech Republic is my natural habitat.

But I am an international storyteller, not afraid to parachute into (even more) foreign lands. Central and Eastern Europe, South- East Asia, the Arab world, Africa — I am interested to report from anywhere in the world.


I care about stories that help people understand the world, stories that offer perspective to events that move foreign countries.

I care about stories that go beyond the breaking news event and report on the small details that matter the most.

I care about people and want to ensure the people in need of international attention and support are being heard by the international community.

Areas of Interest

  • migration, integration, and refugees: I am interested in stories that answer questions about how we can make a globalized society work.
  • human rights and social justice: I am interested in stories that deal with people and their problems (as well as their successes, of course). Whether it’s workers’ rights, the discrimination of the Roma community, or humanitarian crises, there’s a need for carefully reported stories the world over — fast-paced breaking news or slower-paced reportage.
  • Storytelling in Communications: I value the similarities corporate communications can have with journalism. Both share a need for great storytelling. I am interested in telling great stories, no matter the label you put on the packaging.
  • Crisis Reporting: I have the deepest respect and admiration for conflict journalists. They are doing work that brings the consequences of war to parliaments, offices, and living rooms the world over. The history of American journalism is marked by conflicts big and small. Studying the roots of my profession, I became so fascinated with crisis reporting that I decided to write about it. Going forward, I want to get familiar with the field, prepare myself, and see what might be possible.
  • Photojournalism: Until my time at Quinnipiac, my medium of choice had been writing. Sure, I had always been taking pictures along the way, but the passion to making pictures began with Quinnipiac’s training on visual storytelling. While my training focused on video and TV skills, I grabbed the chance to start my own personal photography education, which I’ve been continuing ever since.


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