Capturing Prague

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First Steps Into A Travel Photography Project

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen in person. Despite still feeling quite disconnected from the events around me, the city already feels like home. Capturing Prague for my latest visual project, forced me to step over my own hesitation in interacting with the city, a hurdle that I attribute to the language barrier.1 Without going into too many details about the project just yet, here are a few observations from my first steps into this visual travel project that aims at capturing the spirit of the golden city from an expat’s perspective.

Diversity Off The Beaten Path

Leaving the tourist-laden city center behind, as beautiful as it is, was and still is one of my key targets. The goal is to dig a little deeper and provide a more insightful look into the spirit of Prague. The hot spots will be featured, no worries. But they will not be the focal point of the project. Prague has so much more to offer. It would be a shame to stop there.

If I’m successful, I’ll capture a portrait of Prague that the typical tourist will never see. It’ll also be a documentary portrait, meaning I let the city guide me. I’m trying to capture a spectrum of facets, from the stunning beauty to the drama in the hidden or forgotten alleys. And from the quiet cityscapes to the louder moments of life I encounter in the pursuit of my journalistic adventures to come in early 2018 and beyond.



What I’ve learned from the first few shoots is the sheer diversity that Prague offers. The modern and upscale sits right next to the abandoned remnants of the Soviet era. Every neighborhood seems to have distinct qualities and characteristics that redefine the face of the city. With every square foot covered, the city looks a bit different and my picture and understanding of Prague becomes a bit more clear.

I’ve deliberately chosen a few off-the-beaten-path areas to begin my discovery tour before the Christmas break. I wanted to compare and contrast some random findings with what I knew already from many outings in more central areas. The result of capturing Prague like that is that I’m in love with the magic spirit that emanates from the different personalities Prague shows not just in different parts of the city but also within a single neighborhood.

Digging In

I’ve now left Prague for the Christmas break — for the first time in more than four months. I’m excited to see family and friends again. And I’m curious to find out how I react to my hometown after being away for so long. At the same time, however, I can’t wait to get back and start digging deeper in my explorations of Prague.

The journalism adventure is finally beginning, providing me with ample opportunities to make discoveries and capture life in the golden city (and beyond, I hope). My journey to become acquainted with the Czech language will be equally exciting and will open new doors, behind which I should find scenes that can inform this project as well.

I don’t yet know when and how this project is going to materialize, but you can expect updates about my progress in this blog. Until then, I hope you enjoy the first few samples I’ve shared. And since it’s actually Christmas Day — Merry Christmas!

  1.  As a side-bar: I’ve just launched counter measures that will help me to take that barrier down one step at a time. I’m finally in the space to integrate serious language studies into my routines. I’m a language nut, so this is the most exciting news for me!

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