Writing Tools + Workflow = Happy Writer

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November is over. NaNoWriMo is done and dusted. But I’m just getting started with my creative writing journey. I’ve learned a lot — about myself, things that hinder my productivity, things I need to achieve precise focus on creative output. No, I’ve not reached the 50,000 word threshold; not even close. I said it wouldn’t ...

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Food Photography

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The Pleasures And Discomforts Of Control Food Photography. The next chapter in photo assignments made me smile. I enjoy cooking and baking. I just haven’t had a chance to do much of either lately. And no, I didn’t launch into an early Christmas bakery spectacle. There will be a little sweet reward if you make ...

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Where Facts Meet Emotions: 3 Reasons Why “The Uncounted” Is Journalism At Its Best

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I’m looking for two elements when reading the news and non-fiction in general. Both are tied together by one activity: learning. There is the informational value. Getting up to speed with current events and subject matters of interest to me. Together with the value of reading a good story, that’s part of the standard news ...

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Finding Story Structure

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Ouch! It’s November 24, or day 24 of 30 in NaNoWriMo world, and I’m still at the very beginning of writing my novel. The month, that much I admit without shame, has unfolded not quite as I had planned. Participating in NaNoWriMo, however, was still one of my better decisions. I’m 2,200 words further into ...

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Future’s End

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The story of the recent German general election night is a pretty simple one: no one was particularly happy with the result. We knew building a new government could become tricky. But little did we know it would become such a longwinded affair. Eight weeks into the aftermath of the September 24 election and German ...

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Seven Days In Black And White

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I love black and white photographs. There is a special feeling to images without the potency of vibrant colors. It is a feeling of history and of belonging. Nostalgia. But black and white is so much more. It funnels your vision to light, textures, gestures, and contrast in composition. Yet I don’t use black and ...

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I Am A Planner And I Knew It

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The first few days of NaNoWriMo are behind me. It’s been exciting. I feel the story developing in my mind. There’s progress every day, even if I’m not progressing toward the word count threshold for the month of November. What I’ve realized is that I am a planner. I knew it. Yet, I wanted to ...

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Structure Freelance Life Through Scheduling

Staying organized is one of the more difficult things in freelancing. You’ve got to manage a variety of roles. Depending on the project, I am the researcher, reporter, writer, photographer, videographer, audio engineer, editor, video editor, producer, reader, blogger, student, finance guy, and there are, of course, the different flavors of living, whether that means ...

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