Up Close And Personal

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Learning From The Masters 009 — W. Eugene Smith The defining moment for the photo essay happened 69 years ago. The date was September 20, 1948, when the magazine Life came out with Country Doctor. Photographer W. Eugene Smith had spent 23 days in the small town of Kremmling, documenting the challenges, defeats, and the ...

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Capturing Prague

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First Steps Into A Travel Photography Project Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen in person. Despite still feeling quite disconnected from the events around me, the city already feels like home. Capturing Prague for my latest visual project, forced me to step over my own hesitation in interacting with the ...

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Let Stories Find You

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Learning From The Masters 008 — Scott Strazzante When I’m looking at the work of other journalists, I’m always trying to find both inspiration and advice that make me think about my own storytelling approach. In the newest edition of Learning From The Masters, I want to write about three elements of Scott Strazzante’s storytelling ...

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Visual Thinking

Developing Story Ideas Through Mind Maps I do it. I admit. Visual thinking. Sketching, scribbling, drawing (badly…). Trying to organize my thoughts and ideas by giving them free reign on a piece of paper or the digital equivalent. It helps. I’ve done mind maps, in one way or another, for a long time, but only ...

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Writing Tools + Workflow = Happy Writer

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November is over. NaNoWriMo is done and dusted. But I’m just getting started with my creative writing journey. I’ve learned a lot — about myself, things that hinder my productivity, things I need to achieve precise focus on creative output. No, I’ve not reached the 50,000 word threshold; not even close. I said it wouldn’t ...

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Food Photography

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The Pleasures And Discomforts Of Control Food Photography. The next chapter in photo assignments made me smile. I enjoy cooking and baking. I just haven’t had a chance to do much of either lately. And no, I didn’t launch into an early Christmas bakery spectacle. There will be a little sweet reward if you make ...

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Where Facts Meet Emotions: 3 Reasons Why “The Uncounted” Is Journalism At Its Best

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I’m looking for two elements when reading the news and non-fiction in general. Both are tied together by one activity: learning. There is the informational value. Getting up to speed with current events and subject matters of interest to me. Together with the value of reading a good story, that’s part of the standard news ...

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